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Kleen As A Whistle

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Kleen As A Whistle is a trusted and professional Summit County and Grand County, Colorado carpet cleaning company that also offers floor cleaning, water damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, mold removal and several other services. We have more than 30 years of experience in carpet and floor cleaning as well as water and smoke damage restoration. We are a hardworking local family owned business that treasures the serenity of our Rocky Mountain communities. Our experienced, courteous staff and state-of-the-art equipment has made us a very trustworthy local cleaning company.
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Preferred Carpet and Floor Cleaning Experts

We have years of expertise in cleaning and restoring homes and businesses – whether it is hot water heater leaks, pipe breaks, sewer line back ups or any other emergency. Our company is licensed and insured for your safety and caters to both residential and commercial customers. We are the preferred carpet and floor cleaning and water damage restoration providers for the residents in the mountain resort ski towns.
We proudly offer the Bona® Hardwood Floor deep cleaning system. We are the one and only authorized dealer of Bona® in Summit and Grand Counties.

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